To sanction with PEWC, either fill out the form below and mail in or submit through our online store. We are here to help, so feel free to contact us with any questions!

PEWC Standard Sanctioning: $30 Per day

Standard Sanctioning includes peewee class, one open, one senior and one youth class. 

Extra Classes $15 each per day (i.e. 2nd open), or $20 total for weekend events

WEEKDAY SPECIAL: $25 Per day Monday-Thursday

Mail In Form:


Amber Webber


Phone: 651-216-4653. Feel free to call or text!!

Qualifications for Sanctioning:

A Qualifying Barrel Race to be considered a PEWC sanctioned barrel race, must be on a traditional timed cloverleaf pattern with three barrels with timers. Sanctioning producer must turn in results within 7 days of their race.  If not received within 15 days, PEWC reserves the right to refuse those race results completely. If results in electronic format, they can be sent to:  Preferred format is Excel. If there are questions, the PEWC points secretary will contact the producer after submission. Please check the website for submitted event updates. The PEWC is NOT Responsible for any occurrences at sanctioned events to contestants, animals, spectators, producers, or behaviors associated. There will be a grace period of 7 days after completion of sanctioned event to submit a membership and still receive points.

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