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Sanctioning Options:Cost
Weekend Sanctioning (Fri-Sun)$40 per day (3 Day weekends discounted to $90)
Weekday Sanctioning (Mon- Thurs)$25 per day
New Producer/Multi Event Discount (must confirm with Amber)  $20 per day weekday, $30 per day weekend ($60 for 3 day events)
Sanctioning includes first and second opens, one peewee, one youth, and one senior class. If a senior class is not offered, points will pull from the open class. Suggested divisional layout for producers is 4D on the open 1/2 sec, 3D youth, 3D peewee, and 2D senior.

You can pay online, or print form and mail in. Flyers can also be submitted via email if producers need to pay via paypal, credit card, or venmo. Please contact Amber Webber to do so.

Results need to be submitted within 7 DAYS OF EVENT COMPLETION.

Submit events to Sondra Rayer via email at:

Producers of events request endorsement of the above listed show by the Pro Elite World Challenge (PEWC). They will need to be familiar with the PEWC rules and guidelines for endorsed shows and agree to abide by and be bound to them. They will submit a complete copy of the show results and any PEWC membership applications and fees to the PEWC office within seven (7) calendar days of the completion of each show. Please understand that failure to comply with the above-mentioned rules and guidelines, or to submit show information and fees can result in PEWC withdrawing endorsement of any subsequent shows; and the members can lose points from non-submission. The producer is responsible for all submissions or lack thereof. All sanctioning producers agree that Pro Elite World Challenge assumes no liability towards any sanctioned event. Each producer should provide their own insurance liability and waiver. PEWC is absolved from any and all legal fees, contestant disputes, or any disruptions from listed event.

Contact us with any questions!

Amber Webber


Phone: 651-216-4653. Feel free to call or text!!

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